Investment Strategy

The Company's investment objective is to follow a private markets investment strategy designed to provide shareholders with superior, long-term capital growth while avoiding undue risk through diversification. The majority of HVPE's investments are in HarbourVest-managed private equity fund-of-funds.

HVPE and its shareholders have exposure to the following three different types of private equity investment strategies, which are the primary lines of business of HarbourVest:

Primary Funds: HarbourVest's principal investment strategy, consisting of commitments to private equity funds during their initial fund-raising.

Secondary Investments: purchases of private equity fund interests after such funds' initial fund-raising and after some or all capital has been invested by such funds, as well as purchases of portfolios of interests in operating companies.

Direct Co-Investments: purchases of interests directly in operating companies.

All HVPE's investments in the above strategies are and will be accessed through the following:

  • Investments in HarbourVest funds during their initial fund-raising.
  • Parallel investments alongside HarbourVest funds.
  • Purchases of limited partnership interests in HarbourVest funds from existing investors.