Portfolio Construction

Please note this data is updated on a semi-annual basis. 

Key Definitions

The diversification analysis of HVPE's portfolio is based on the fair value of the underlying investments, as estimated by the investment manager.

Diversification by stage, phase, and geography is based on the estimated net asset value of partnership investments within HVPE's fund-of-funds and company investments within HVPE's co-investments. Industry diversification is based on the reported value of the underlying company investments for both fund-of-funds and co-investments. Some of the funds held in HVPE have not been fully invested. The composition of investments by phase, stage, geography, strategy, and industry may change as additional investments are made and existing investments are realised. By phase, growth includes vintage years 2008 to 2012, mature includes vintage years pre-2007, and investment includes vintage years 2013 to 2017.