• Private Equity at HarbourVest

Private Equity at HarbourVest

Where Does Private Equity Fit in a Portfolio?

Private equity is often considered part of an alternative asset strategy. Alternative assets can include investments in private markets, hedge funds, real estate, physical commodities, currencies, natural resources, and others. An institutional investor typically allocates 5% to 10% of its portfolio to alternative assets. Because the private equity asset class typically requires long-term and patient capital, institutional investors (public and private pension funds, corporations, insurance companies, endowments, foundations, family offices, and labor unions) as well as some high net worth individuals, have historically been the primary sources of capital.

As a listed private equity vehicle, HVPE offers access to the asset class to any investor able to purchase a share.

The Company’s investment manager, HarbourVest Partners, has a track record of successful private equity investment stretching back to the early 1980s. HarbourVest focuses on finding high quality investments in primary funds, in secondary purchases, and directly in operating companies.

HarbourVest Investment Strategy

Proven Investment Strategy

HarbourVest's investment strategy has been developed by its professionals over multiple investment, capital market, credit, and macroeconomic cycles of the past three decades.

Several strategic elements have been consistently developed over consecutive investment programs, including:

  • Leverage the HarbourVest platform of an integrated approach to private markets through primary fund investments, secondary investments, and direct co-investments
  • Build diversified portfolios across geographies, stages, strategies, and phases
  • Apply a disciplined and active approach to investing
  • Utilise flexible asset allocation
  • Seek superior investments and maintain selectivity

HarbourVest’s integrated approach to primary fund, secondary, and direct co-investing enhances each component of the strategy. By focusing across these three areas, HarbourVest is able to develop valuable insight into the portfolios and capabilities of fund managers, leverage a strong, deep network of relationships, and enhance the flow of potential deals.