HVPE provides shareholders with exposure to over 1,000 private companies that typically can only be accessed by institutional investors.

A list of our largest 25 portfolio company exposures by percentage of Investment Portfolio Value can be found below (at 28 February 2023*). Some companies below are held at least in part in HarbourVest direct co-investment funds. Some holdings cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality agreements in place.

*based on best available information available at this date. The companies listed below may be valued at a variety of dates prior to this. For more information on HVPE’s valuation methodology, please see page 4 of the monthly factsheets located here.



2.3% | $85.2m

Developer of a global B2C e-commerce platform designed to provide women's fast fashion goods

Industrial & Transport

DP World Australia Pty Ltd

0.8% | $30.2m

Operates marine terminal and provides cargo handling services and container terminals throughout Australia

Tech & Software

Figma, Inc.

0.7% | $26.1m

Startup building a cloud-based design suite


Preston Hollow Capital, LLC

0.7% | $26.0m

Specialty municipal finance company



0.6% | $22.5m


Energy & Cleantech

CrownRock, L.P.

0.6% | $22.2m

Develops oil and gas properties in the Permian Basin and Rocky Mountain regions of the United States

Energy & Cleantech

Sidney Murray Hydroelectric Project

0.6% | $20.9m

192 MW hydroelectric facility located near the Mississippi River in eastern Louisiana

Tech & Software

ByteDance Technology Co.

0.5% | $19.5m

Offers personal information recommendation engine services which includes news, pictures, and essays

Tech & Software


0.5% | $18.8m

Platform offers secure voice and text chat


Froneri Limited

0.5% | $18.4m

Ice cream and frozen food manufacturer in Europe