HVPE provides easy access to a diversified global portfolio of high-quality private companies by investing in HarbourVest-managed funds.

Put simply, we focus exclusively on providing investors with access to those companies not listed on stock exchanges.

We do this through a strategic approach to investing in a portfolio of funds managed by HarbourVest Partners, our Investment Manager.

Our focus is on building a comprehensive global portfolio of the highest-quality investments, in a proactive yet measured way, with the strength of our balance sheet underpinning everything we do.

By investing in funds managed by HarbourVest, HVPE provides all types of investors with institutional quality opportunities across a broad universe of private companies via exposure through primary fund investments, secondary investments, and direct co-investments.

Please visit What Are Private Markets? and our Glossary for more information.

Investment into private companies requires experience, skill, and expertise. HVPE provides exposure to approximately 30 individual HarbourVest fund managers, each expert in their strategy. Within the HarbourVest fund of funds programmes, careful selection gives distinct exposure to many leading external private equity managers, providing a broad spread of private markets expertise.

Our structure (see Structure of HVPE) allows us to provide shareholders with material exposure to over 1,000 private companies that span the world (visit our Company Exposures), providing access to the best investment opportunities whilst also supporting innovation and growth in the global economy and improvements in ESG standards. The portfolio is intentionally broad, yet curated for optimum returns. Because we understand that strategic diversification captures more outperformers, and helps to reduce risk.

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"One share. A world of private company opportunities."